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1. Buy the suitable package and check your email.

2. Follow our twitter accounts @Booktasters.


3. Deliver an E-copy to interested reviewers.

4. Relax, we keep tracking the process, guarantee the reviews, and report the results weekly.


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    Lifetime Nonfiction Package
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1- The lifetime packages keep your book offered on our lists forever, which means nonstop exposure and orders to review. All you have to do is deliver an e-copy to the interested reviewers we connect you with, and we guarantee the reviews.

2- Forever means as long as the author is able to deliver an e-copy of his/her books to interested reviewers, and for the duration the company remains in operation.

3- In the highly unlikely event that Booktasters ceases operations, you will be eligible for a partial refund according to our refund policy.

4- In the event that you are no longer willing or able to provide e-copies of your books, or Booktasters stops offering the lifetime packages, the service will be considered delivered and concluded upon your reception of a minimum of 200 reviews


What do we mean by “get your book reviewed”?

– To get a critical appraisal of your book to be used for developing the content of it or for marketing purposes through the qualified reviewers in our community on a pre-agreed platform like Goodreads.

What do you pay for?

– You pay for Booktasters to manage a high-quality, genuine reviewing process and for guaranteeing that you will get reviews. We don’t pay reviewers or push them to read a particular book.

How do you choose your reviewers?

– We pick bookworms who review books on different platforms, like Goodreads and Amazon. They are linguistically qualified and based in many countries around the world.

What are the reviewing criteria?

– We don’t ask the reviewers to be committed to a particular reviewing template so authors can get different creative thoughts. However, we have minimum obligatory things for reviewers to follow. We also give individual feedback to reviewers to improve their reviews.

What do you mean by delivery time?

– The maximum time we need to connect you with the promised number of reviewers.

How long will the reviewer take to post the review?

– We give our reviewers 4-6 weeks, which starts when the author delivers the book to the reviewer.

Does the author choose the reviewers?

– No. All the reviewers meet our minimum criteria for reviewing. If an author skips a particular reviewer, we consider it a delivered review.

What do we mean by a “delivered review”?

– A review posted by one of Booktasters reviewers on a pre-agreed platform according to our reviewing criteria.

Do we have reviewers for all genres?

– Yes, except sexual, pornography, and all books categorized under the erotica genre. Also, we don’t review non-fiction religion books. We do have reviewers for romantic books and novels with religious backgrounds.

How does Booktasters protect the copyrights of their authors’ books?

– Basically, the author’s only responsibility in this process is to deliver the book to the interested reviewers Booktasters connects them with (we recommend E-copies). We also have an agreement that reviewer sign when joining Booktasters. By the way, we don’t have any previous incidents related to spoiling the copyrights of our customers.