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Affiliate Program Terms and Policies


– Booktasters is a company that was established in 2015 aiming to connect authors with avid readers to get their books reviewed for the benefit of both sides.

– We have worked on growing a community of both avid readers and authors which allows readers to get free e-copies in exchange for an honest review.

– We firmly believe in the power of reading to spread awareness and empowering authors through getting honest constructive feedback.




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Booktasters affiliate program is a program through which people with good connections with authors (i.e. Editors, cover designer, publishers, book marketers) can make money by promoting and selling our reviewing service.


– The Booktasters affiliate program is made to promote our reviewing service which connects authors with avid readers to review their books. The author pays for such service from which you as an affiliate will get a commission.Check our packages here.


– We offer a 20% flat rate commission on any tracked sale results from the affiliate’s marketing efforts for our service.

– To calculate your commission on a particular sales all you need to do is multiplying service fee times 20%, the outcome is your commission.


–  Any commission will be eligible for withdrawing to your PayPal, stripe, or traditional bank account after 40 days of the purchase.
– Any refund order from the buyer within 40 days, won’t be considered a sale.
– You can request withdrawing money from your payouts page on your dashboard.
– You will be able to request withdrawing your commission at anytime but practically processing the request won’t be before the 40 days.


You as an affiliate have the right to gain your commission unless:

– The author asks for a refund before the period of 40 days of the original purchase of the reviewing package.

– Our service is provided to all genres except erotica, pornography, Non-fiction religion books, or books with naked photos on it.

– We issue a refund for any author if they don’t meet our books criteria; which means that the commission will not be considered since the transaction was not successful within 40 days.


– We’re using Affiliate WP to run the technical part of our program, so we don’t own nor control the technical part.

– The plugin tracks the referral link and sends reports containing the conversion of the referral.


– When an author makes a purchase We guarantee that the author will get the total number of promised reviews.

– We guarantee for our affiliates technical and visual support to help them sell the reviewing packages and make more money.

– We guarantee the transparency of any transaction our affiliates are part of through monitoring all the transactions using Affiliate WP.