Marjorie Townsend

Location: Arizona USA

Marjorie Townsend was born in Michigan and has lived in several states throughout her adult life before settling in Arizona. She has worked as a probation and parole officer, pyrotechnician, martial arts instructor, Seabee, and research administrator. She wants to be the coolest grandmother whenever she has grandkids by sharing all the work stories from her various jobs. Her father would tease her and her brother by saying he couldn’t change a light bulb, but she could rewire his house. She and her wife share their home in the east valley of Phoenix, Arizona with their dogs, cats, and bird named after her mother-in-law. 


Since being diagnosed with Lupus, she found the wheels screeching on her career as she battles the disease. So, she slowly started putting her imagination to use and began writing again. Writing has been her passion since she was a child. She has a lifetime collection of books and other media, so much so, they need either a larger house or more bookshelves. When she isn’t writing, she can be found wood carving gnomes, birds and other fun stuff.

Always one to help, she readily strives to be a victim’s advocate for both humans and those with four legs.