Kyle Belote

Location: Texas USA

Twenty-year vet writer of novellas and tomes; the grittier, the darker, the more the characters must go through, the better. In the bleakest of worlds, characters shine all the more! I strive to make readers weep, not only because I just slaughtered their favorite character, but because the ending was sudden, unexpected, and impactful!

My genres are grimdark epic fantasy, military sci-fi fantasy, horror/thriller, and currently working on a western fantasy about monster-slaying bounty hunters working for the gods of their holy house.

I’m a wandering Texan who served Uncle Sam for four years, moved about—’here and there and back again,’ and been to the far reaches around the world. Always looking for another great adventure, some new idea to write and explore, and a couple of other things along the way to make my life complete.

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